CCT - Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Technician -- Class will begin at 8:00 am each day and end at 5:00 pm day one and approximately 3:00 pm day 2- Pacific Time Are you new to the world of Carpet Cleaning? Are you a seasoned Carpet Cleaner? Do you only perform Carpet Cleaning after a Water Damage Restoration or Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration job? This course is for you! Doug has been teaching CCT for over 35 years and has over 45 years of experience. He has learned what works and what does NOT work! He has learned how to perform miracles and has the ability to translate that knowledge into a fun and informative experience for his students.


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You Will NOT Want To Miss This Course!    You will learn how to identify what the fiber content is, what the construction style is and what the chemical and temperature considerations are for the carpeting you are cleaning.  Can you destroy carpeting by using products that are commonly used in the carpet cleaning industry?   YES!   What products are they?   Which carpets can they destroy?   How can you identify the dangers?    Come to our course to find out.  This business is about two things - Makin' Money and Stayin' Out of Trouble!   We will teach you how to do both.

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