This course will be taught 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Pacific Coast Time on day 1. Day 2 will end approximately 3:00 PM Pacific Coast Time. Doug will teach you how to take the fear and liability out of upholstery cleaning while becoming more productive and profitable. You will learn how and when you can RESTORE fine fabrics and produce results that will amaze your customers with simple step-by-step systems.


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With the wide variety of fabrics on the market today, the greatest fear is ruining the fabric along with your reputation.  One of the most beneficial segments of this program is eliminating the headaches of upholstery cleaning;  how to identify the fabric, how to recognize the potential for bleeding, shrinkage, and loss of texture.  We will teach you how to clean in less time, insure the piece dries quickly, and get far better results than you have ever gotten in the past - GUARANTEED!   Your customers will be AMAZED at how quickly their furniture dried and how great their upholstery looks - all without a truck-mount.

This course will not only teach you how to get professional CLEANING results, but it will also teach you how and when you can RESTORE fabrics while still protecting your liability by an instructor with 35 years of teaching experience who is internationally known to "edutain" you.   Join in to learn and laugh at the same time.