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The challenge of a successful business often depends on the ability to access quality training. In recent years, on-line training has become a viable and valuable source of educating business owners and their employees.
The opportunity to fill the need of education has been met with courses that can be accessed through computers and tablets, and literally thousands of companies have discovered how to evaluate, qualify, and benefit from live on-line training.
Here are a few of those advantages for you to think about:


You do not have both the time and expense of travel.
You do not have the expense of hotel accommodations and you sleep in your own bed. There are no additional meal and incidental expenses.
You are not confused by the opinions and the influences of others.
There is no one there trying to sell you something.
There is no one that may try to hire your valued employee.
Employers can monitor their employee's progress.
You still get a comprehensive reference manual and field guide.


In addition to the above advantages of live on-line training, we go above and beyond when it comes to providing every student with an entertaining and educational experience. We love teaching and we make learning fun. We treat our students like family and nurture them with follow-up help when needed.

Added to the above, our combination of 60 years of experience as professional instructors as well as 40 years of birthing and growing our own cleaning and restoration businesses will ensure you have made the best choice for your training.